Pricing and licensing

We offer single-user licenses and multi-user licenses for developing interactive figures with Kontrast.

950.00 € excl. VAT
for a single-user license.
Volume discounts for multi-user licenses apply (see below).
Our Kontrast software package provides you with:
  • Kontrast visualization library
  • Developer documentation
  • Extensive usage examples
  • Kontrast HTTP server
and can be used offline.
The usage is perpetual (no time limit).
Updates and support are provided for one year.
One developer (single-user license) or more (multi-user license).
The number of users/viewers of your visualization is unlimited.
You may publish the Kontrast library along with your visualization for non-commercial purposes.
Full info
View our standard license agreement.

Volume discount

Our volume discount price per license pp depends on the number of licenses NN for N100N \leq 100: