Mapping of axes

This page shows some of the mappings of axes.

Mapping linear

Please refer to the tutorial.

Logarithmic mappings: log10, log2, ln

If you want to visualize a function f(x) in equal intervals within a certain mapping, you can use the code shown below. Of course you should replace Math.log10 and Math.pow(10, ... ) with Math.log2 and Math.pow(2, ...) or Math.log and Math.exp(...) if you use the mappings 'log2' or 'ln', respectively.

Note that the following code draws a straight line (the red line in the figure below) on the graph, not a curve of y = x (the black curve).

Angle mappings degree and radianAsDegree

The following two codes give graphically the same result. However, in one case the angle is internally computed in degree, while in the other case, radian are used as unit.

Date and time mapping