Limiting the range of an axis

For linear mappings

You might want to limit the range of the drawing. For example, the absolute temperature is always T \ge 0, therefore it might be desired that the T \lt 0 range of the axis cannot be shown.

To realize this, you can utilize the change events for min and/or max of the corresponding axis.

In the following example the range of the abscissa is restricted to the interval [-2, 2]. The ordinate has no limitation.

For arbitrary mappings

Unfortunately, the simple example above is applicable only when the mapping of the axis is linear.

If the mapping is logarithmic, for example, it becomes more complicated. In the following example the lower range of the abscissa is limited to 1 (= 10^0) (and no upper limit).

For this purpose you can use backward() and forward() of KontrastMapping.