Points are one of the simplest plot objects that are available in Kontrast. As the name suggests, a point is drawn for each available data point.

Besides the three spatial dimensions, data can be additionally visualized as the color, opacity and thickness (on a per-point basis). Moreover, error bars can be visualized for each point in all three dimensions of space.

Data input

Valid data for point objects can be either an array of numbers or a single number, assigned to an axis. If arrays are used, all arrays must have equal length.

To use error bars, you need to assign an object as the data object for an array. This object must include the property value and the error(s) as lowerError (optional, defaults to 0), upperError (optional, defaults to 0) and error (optional, is internally used as both lowerError and upperError). See Example: Error bars.

Values specified as errors are meant to be positive. However, Kontrast does not perform a check to enforce this.


Please also refer to the documentation for all plot objects.