A KontrastMapping determines how numbers are distributed along an axis or a slider. Both axes and sliders have the property mapping of this type. For example, by specifying the value 'log10' for the mapping property, you can map values along an axis or a slider logarithmically.

The effect of most mappings described below can be explored in the Example: Mapping of axes and Example: Sliders with different mappings.

Available mappings

Linear mappings

Logarithmic mappings

There are three different logarithmic mappings:

Reciprocal mappings

Transformation table

The table below describes the forward transform from the data value x to the position on the axis y and the corresponding inverse transform (backward).

Name Forward transform Backward transform
linear, date, degree, radianAsDegree y = x x = y
ln y = \ln x x = e^y
log10 y = {\ln x}/{\ln 10} x = 10^y
log2 y = {\ln x}/{\ln 2} x = 2^y
positiveReciprocal y = -1/x x = -1/y