The global kontrast object

When you load the Kontrast library by including kontrast.js in your web page, a single object will be added to the global JavaScript scope named kontrast. This object serves as an entry point into the complete functionality of the library. No other global variables are created or modified.

The kontrast object is the parent object of all other objects within Kontrast (please refer to the separate documentation article on object management within Kontrast). Thereby, the global kontrast object also gives you command-line access to all objects within your visualizations by using, for example:

You can enter the above command in the developer console and thereby change the aspect ratio of the first graph (graph0) of the first figure (figure0) in the page. More information about object names can be found in the documentation of the name property.

Finally, the kontrast object manages a single context menu that allows access to all figures within the page.