Cubes are a plot object that can be used to visualize three-dimensional (volumetric) data sets.

Data input

It is mandatory to supply a data object for one abscissa, one ordinate and one applicate each. These three spatial axes all accept an object with a start, end and count property that work similar to tiles.

As a type property you can specify either 'width' (similar to the 'contiguous' type for tiles), 'height' (indexed with a stride that equals the count of the width-data) and 'depth' (indexed with a stride that equals the width-data count times the height-data count). The Example: Volumetric cube plots demonstrates how to use these properties.

Note: The rendering of cubes internally uses 32 bit floating point values, limiting the numeric precision. Moreover, the cubes only work correctly with linearly-mapped Cartesian axes. These shortcomings will be addressed in a future release.


Please also refer to the documentation for all plot objects.