Frequently asked questions

Do I need an internet connection to work with Kontrast?
No. While Kontrast runs within your web browser, it is not necessary to be online while you work on visualizations locally.
Is Kontrast exclusively a visualization tool?
Besides visualization modes, Kontrast contains methods commonly used for scientific computing, such as the discrete Fourier transform, methods to integrate differential equations, perform nonlinear fits, and more.
Can I use Kontrast to embed text to accompany my visualizations?
Yes. It is easy to embed one (or more) figures within a HTML document, complete with mathematical equations, static images, links, ...
How can I share my visualizations?
You can share your figures by uploading them onto a web space. Many companies and institutions offer their employees and students a personal website, and there are many free providers.
Where can I find help or resources?
We provide a documentation with many examples that are meant to be copied, pasted and modified for your purposes and you can reach our support.
Can I embed Kontrast into blog posts?
Yes, if you are able and allowed to include custom JavaScript code and custom CSS code. This is typically possible.
Can I embed Kontrast into online learning platforms?
Yes, the requirements are the same as above: You need to be able (and allowed) to include custom JavaScript code and custom CSS code.
Do I need coding experience to create Kontrast visualizations?
While coding experience helps, it is not difficult to create visualizations based on a number of examples and the documentation, including a step-by-step tutorial we provide. Should you get stuck, you are also welcome to reach out to our support.
I take data protection very seriously. Does the Kontrast library connect to any servers or to the cloud and track my usage?
No. We do not collect any data when you use Kontrast. The Kontrast library is fully self-contained, meaning that no other resources are loaded. We do not track your usage and we do not collect usage statistics. If you use Kontrast locally (using our standalone distribution package) or host the Kontrast library on your (institution's) own server, there are no technical means for us to detect your usage.
How many licenses do I need?
Our license model is based on the number of developers who create visualizations for Kontrast (i.e. who write code for their own visualizations). Therefore, you need one user license for each person working with Kontrast.
Does the Kontrast usage license expire?
Once you bought a license, you may use Kontrast for as long as you wish. Within one year of your purchase, you receive updates and support from us. If you wish to continue to receive feature updates and support beyond one year, you need to renew your license.
Which browsers are supported?
We support all modern browsers, including Mozilla Firefox, Apple Safari (iOS and MacOS), Google Chrome, and all Chromium-based browsers such as Microsoft Edge, Opera, Samsung Internet, Brave, and Vivaldi. Note that Internet Explorer is considered deprecated for quite some time and is not supported.
May I publish my visualizations including Kontrast?
Yes, for non-commercial purposes. Our license agreement explicitly permits you to host/publish the Kontrast library for non-commercial purposes in order for your visualizations to work. The viewers of the visualizations do not require a license.
Can I obtain a free trial version of Kontrast for testing purposes?
Of course. Please contact us via email or phone.
Can I hire you to create figures or specialized data analyses for me?
Yes. Please contact us via email or phone and we can discuss your request, requirements, timing and pricing.
How can I get updates?
From our download page. The documentation contains an article on how to update Kontrast.